Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tea Party for Two

This evening I met a friend I had lost touch with at Wishes Brew Tea House in the Hunter's Creek area of Orlando. Months ago my friend Kym and I planned to go there and never got the chance. Both of us are pretty avid tea drinkers, but we didn't expect the long list of tea that Wishes presented to both of us.

After catching up on our girl talk we decided on the Casablanca and One night in Paris. Both were red teas. Each of us had a scone which are made in house. I had a cinnamon scone and she had blueberry.
I felt like a little girl having a tea party with Kym. We were having great conversation and the atmosphere was just perfect. There are different tea cups and tea pots on each table. The place is small just as a tea house should be. The price for the scone and individual pot of tea came to $8.50 which is a bit high, but its the surroundings that make it enjoyable.
They have some great ideas here that I think they need to expand upon. For example when our checks came they arrived like this:
It looked just like a book. Which I have seen other places use cigar boxes. But then you could open it up:

The Wishes Brew Tea House is a nice place to catch up with a girl friend, mother, or any other family member. I think it would be a great place to try in the morning. You can even purchase some loose tea to take home with you and have your own tea party at home or host one there! Cheers to a good cuppa tea!

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