Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beach Day Experience

Hello Readers- I had two days off now time to catch up on my local adventures. Monday I figured I would take a drive to the beach-I recently got a new bathing suit and it was time to get some sun. Looking like Casper the friendly ghost over here. I drove to Cocoa Beach and when I arrived I noticed there weren’t many people on the beach and couldn’t really figure out why until about 5 minutes into my stay-love bugs!

For those of you who don’t know about these lovely creatures, they only come out about twice a year-April/May and then again in August/September. The love bug has a short life only about three or four days. Well enough science information, I’m on the beach and they are in swarms. I’m talking these bugs are crawling on my sunglasses, arms, and legs. I tried to deal and I just couldn’t! So I took a 15 minute drive down the road and I stopped at Indian Harbor Beach.

Ok-so fewer people, fewer love bugs-now I can relax, but it doesn’t end there. I’m sitting in my little beach chair watching this guy fish trying to pull in his line and he’s having a pretty hard time. I’m thinking to myself what if he got a sting ray or a shark…and what do you know the man had a sting ray caught on his line. Crazy! Another fisherman assisted him to remove the line and get him back into the water. What a day at the beach!

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