About Me

Who is Leann?

Leann is home grown from New Jersey (insert fist pump here) currently living in Philly, working as a flight attendant! She has graduated with her master's of science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University and is now working on her doctorate in business administration while flying 30,000 feet above. Her bachelor's degree came from Temple University with a focus in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media. In her spare time she enjoys running, shopping, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Where did her food passion come from?

Leann grew up in an Italian/Polish family. Every family gathering or celebration was focused on food. She learned how to cook at a young age by taking child cooking classes and cooking with family members. Wherever Leann goes she likes to try the local cuisine to learn about the culture and community.

Where did her travel passion come from?

At a young age Leann always wanted to travel to the UK. In her senior year at Temple she received the chance to study abroad for a semester in London. While in England she traveled to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Holland, and Italy. It was her dream come true. Leann spent the month of November 2010 in China. Leann and her mother ran their first international half-marathon in London, England. Then travelled to France, Germany and Poland.

Besides traveling internationally Leann enjoys traveling within the US. She lived in Florida four years before becoming a flight attendant. Originally based in Washington, D.C. and now Philadelphia. Leann is always seeking adventure.

Where is Leann currently?


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