Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seito Sushi

 Over the weekend Nick's parents took us to Seito Sushi. I've tried the basic California roll before and handle that with no problem. Nick continues to get me to try sashimi. Sorry it's just not happening....not yet anyway.  So 4 hungry bellies and a huge menu the ordering began.

To start-steamed edamame, fried dumplings, short ribs, and ginger pork.

Nick's dad loves their ginger pork. It's sliced thin and served with fiery chili sauce and sweet sauteed onions on a hot stone slab. Look at that dish, how could you turn that away. It has just enough heat for me not to drastic. The onions are a great accompaniment. 

Now it's sushi time!

Nick's mom and I both prefer to eat the stuff that has already been cooked and there was a wide range of things for us to choose from. Our order consisted of:
Mango Tango Roll
California Roll
Shrimp Tempura
Sweet Potato

The flavors are just so distinct and fresh tasting. Take a look at the pictures and start drooling. 

You might be wondering what Nick and his father ate.....

Not for me. Not yet. For those of you like me, there are still plenty of choices for a cooked meal. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Pasta

Hello-I know you think I probably forgot all about my blog. I promise I didn't. Nick and I have just been getting used to a new schedule-new jobs. Last week, we actually had time to go to the Lake Eola Fall Festival which was basically a big craft show. There we found some interesting pasta from Pappardelle. The pasta we made last week was sweet potato. I love sweet potato anything so how could I go wrong? What was so great about this company because when it came down to it, what was I going to put on sweet potato pasta????? Beats me? The kind people at Pappardelle's Pasta give you a recipe with your pasta. Love it!!

Ok-so we decided to use curry sauce. I was thinking this is kind of wild, but let's give it a go. Two things I love curry and sweet potato.

So we started by slicing up the chicken. I put the curry sauce in the pan to heat up first. Then added the chicken. 

While the chicken was cooking we had the pasta in the pot. This pasta seemed to take a bit longer to cook. 

The finished product was great. The pasta had a slightly sweeter taste, but the curry sauce enhanced it just enough. Because the pasta took a bit longer to cook, the chicken was extra tender. This was a easy dish with tons of flavor.