Thursday, May 5, 2011

Food Truck Heaven

So my 2nd food truck event-this past Tuesday at The Plaza Theatre. Not as many food trucks, but the quality was there. My favorite-Arepas el Cacao-pick up to five ingredients and its only 5 bucks. I had chicken, beef, shrimp, and gouda! To die for!

I then tried pinchos from Casa de Chef-it had a sweet BBQ glaze. The meat was so tender!

 For dessert, Mister Softie-don’t judge, but as a child my Dad said that they never washed their hands so I would call him the “Dirty Hand Man” and would never eat their ice cream. It’s pretty genius on my parent's behalf!

Oh and I learned some new words when ordering my ice cream:
Up North                        Down South
Twist                              Swirl
Jimmies                          Sprinkles

Can’t wait till we meet again food trucks! 

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