Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Media within the Food Industry

While my mother was in town I was looking to take her some place she does not usually get the opportunity to eat at. We were looking for a food truck I had recently ate at, but no luck since the truck did not update their Twitter page for the day, so I was unsure of the location. Next best place-Café Tu Tu Tango. This restaurant is located on International Drive and serves international tapas.
Empanadas from Tu Tu Tango
Social media integration is one of the keys to success in today’s society. I love food trucks because there is something unique ordering your food outside and there only being a limited quantity for the day. Without consistency of updates you can lose loyal followers.

Café Tu Tu Tango has a website, Facebook, and Twitter account.  The restaurant’s website is very refreshing, the layout is simplistic and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, the Facebook page only exists as a location, but not a page by the restaurant itself. Tu Tu Tango’s Twitter page does get updated every few days, but not on a day-to-day basis. I believe if they worked on this a bit more it would help to draw more people in based on any specials they may be having.

How does this restaurant draw the crowd? Mainly, it’s location and word of mouth. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like from Tu Tu Tango.  Situated right in tourist central-many people walk by and the bright colors catch their attention.

Two great tools I’ve learned about in the food world: Foodspotting and Urbanspoon. If you have a smart phone these are must have apps! Foodspotting allows you to choose what state and city you are in and look for the best foods! Urban spoon brings up what I call a slot machine and you can lock in how much you want to spend, where you are and what type of food you are looking for and jackpot! It’s pretty amazing what we can do and tip of our fingers. Several years ago I didn’t think I would be carrying around a mini computer in my purse. Now I can locate what type of food I would like in the 5-mile range. 

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