Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria

Where to start- I've been hearing great things about Pom Pom's for a while now. I've driven past it, thought about going, forgot about it, and then finally months later-I ate there. Tuesday night before the Magic game Nick and I dropped in on Pom Pom's to see what the fuss was all about.
Pom Pom's is located on Bumby Ave in a small plaza. The cafe itself is pretty small inside and has about 6 tables. You can order takeout if you wish and I might suggest that. They blasted dubstep the whole time we were in there-not saying I do not like dubstep, but at 5pm at night?

So first lets order something to drink. I was so excited to see milk tea on the menu. Last year I spent a month in China and I fell in love with milk tea. I decided to order green milk tea. Not bad, seemed like it had been watered down a little too much, but passable. Nick had a beer, but it was 5 bucks! Pass on that and get something tastier and more unique. The drink menu is pretty large.

Now its sandwich time. I've read great reviews about Momma Ling Ling's Thanksgiving so I figured I would go with that.

Bring your A game if you order this sandwich because it is HUGE!!!! It's a thanksgiving meal between two slices of bread. Turkey, ginger cranberry chutney, gouda, stuffing, cream cheese, and ofcourse a side of gravy to help it slide down.

Nick ordered the Fu Man Chu, another great sandwich we read reviews about. Asian pulled pork, watercress, goat cheese, and the ginger cranberry chutney. How could you go wrong?

Nick's sandwich was much easier to handle. I didn't get thru half of mine when I started to throw in the towel. I did manage to try the Fu Man Chu which I thought was great. Between the both of us, we made it through the turkey dinner on a plate.
As usual, I saved room for dessert. Pom Pom's does not make their own, but they do have cupcakes from Blue Bird Bake Shop-another place I've been dying to go to!
Red Velvet with cream cheese icing is a win!

Overall, Pom Pom's wasn't bad. It was interesting and fun, but don't go there if your expecting to find a quiet and cozy corner to sip tea and eat a sandwich. 

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  1. I will try to stop here on my next visit to Fl. I am making a new list for my next visit, thanks to you. You find some neat places and I look forward to going to them. I usually order what you suggest and you do not steer me wrong.