Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jersey Boys Pizza & Deli-CO

So traveling to Colorado my boyfriends family always makes a stop at this place called Jersey Boys. Nick has been bragging about this place forever and how its better than some of the actually cheesesteaks he has had in Philly. So it was my turn to put the food to the test. What better than a true New Jerseyan to try out this place.

So like many great cheesesteak places-its a small hole in the wall type of place. Try not to be disturbed-most of these places have some of the best food.

I decided to try their basic Philly cheesesteak- beef, white american, fried onions and peppers. The key thing I was looking for, was the roll going to be too soft or have a bit of a crunch?

Drumroll please....

It was a pretty good cheesesteak. Nick thinks it gives Pat's and Geno's a run for their money and I just might have to agree with him. It doesn't surpass my favorite steak-Jim's on South Street

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