Monday, January 30, 2012

Mimi's Fried Pies

After 2 other restaurant stops I wasn't sure how I was going to manage a bite of pie. I figured a dessert pie would be the best choice and probably go down the easiest. Mimi's Fried Pies was our 3rd and last stop in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Pies are available in both savory and sweet options. 

So we ordered a few pies and by time the order was complete my eyes were feeling bigger than my stomach, chicken pot pie, blackberry pie, coconut cream pie, and banana foster pie. 

My favorite by far was the Banana Foster! (BTW-their ice cream is homemade too) I could have ate the whole thing if I didn't have other people to share it with! Amazing!!!!

The folks working at Mimi's were even nice enough to take a quick picture with Nick and I. Thanks guys-your doing a great job and I will be back for some more Banana Fosters pie!!! 

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