Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beaver Creek Chophouse

Last night we were all feeling pretty tired after 2 days of skiing and a slight time change. Nick and I decided to split a meal at the chophouse.

We decided to split a wedge salad and the people at chophouse were nice enough to split the salad for us and put it on two different plates. Can't really go wrong with a wedge salad can you?
Then we split a 16 oz. dry aged New York Strip. Pretty good do I really describe this steak...cooked medium...personally for me it could be cooked a tad bit more, I don't like it bloody.
For a side, we ordered blue cheese tater tots, having no idea what to expect. Blue cheese on top? No! It was in the tater tot!!! Very creamy. 

By the end of the meal I was fully satisfied and ready for bed. 
Keep reading. I spent a day eating my way through Breckenridge. I stopped at 3 different places get a taste of this mountain side community. 

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