Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Gashouse-CO

Two nights ago dinner the whole gang went to The Gashouse, only about 10 minutes away from Beaver Creek.  Imagine a hunting lodge turned restaurant. Animal heads everywhere!

Lets talk food. We started out by munching on truffle fries. Which had parmesan cheese on them and some other spices. Pretty tasty, our thought, maybe melt that cheese or have a dipping sauce for it. 
Next comes the meal. I got to taste some of everyones meal so I'll give an insight, but I must say my favorite was mine- the crab cake au gratin. Big lumps of crab and it was really tasty. 
If you are a meat (wo)man. Then you have to try the bison ribeye. Nick had this. I tried a bite and it wasn't as cooked as I liked, but this meet was very tender. 

A family friend of Nick's family-Barry-had the beef carpacio and red pork chili. The carpacio was a hit and everyone was eating it. The chili...just don't even bother ordering it. Just don't. 

Say No to the chili
Overall, the Gashouse was a good place for sea food and meat! The cabin like feel made me realize I really am in Colorado. Continue with us on our food tour of Co. 

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