Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Motherloaded Tavern

My first stop in Breckenridge-The Motherloaded Tavern.  Oh, where do I begin. I loved this place. First off, the decor is what really caught my eye. There were so many small details that were great. Just take a look at the photos to see exactly what I'm talking about.

Ok-so that is just the small details...then we started to look at the remember we have some other places to hit so we decided to just order some appetizers. 1st up Sweet Pepper Bacon-brushed with maple syrup and peppercorn. I love bacon and the best part was it was crispy and had a sweet taste.
Our next appetizer-Sweet Taters! OMG! I love me some sweet potato fries, but these took my love to the next level. It was all about the dipping sauce. Fluff, peanut butter, brown sugar praline. I couldn't get enough of that stuff. In fact, I ate all of it!!! I'm drooling just thinking about it.
3rd taste-Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds. Yum. These were served with a ranch to dip it in. Probably not the healthiest of meals....good thing I'm skiing while I'm here.
After enjoying all of our great snacks we had a visitor to our table- Leslie Day- the CEO. It's always great to learn about the history of the place and from one of people that started it. Leslie told us pretty much all of the recipes come from her family or friends. She surprised us by bringing us the Panini-grilled monte cristo that is encrusted with captain crunch! I can only say good things about this place. So many different flavors-combined it makes sheer perfection!
Last, but not least, a friend of Leslie was getting a birthday shot and I needed to take a picture of this. 
Shot glass with a spot for a remember my birthday is coming up in March!!! How awesome. Make sure you make a pit stop at The Motherloaded Tavern if you are near Breckenridge, I could have stayed there all day to try out the menu! 

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