Thursday, September 29, 2011

Westgate Lake's Smokehouse Grill

I've been living in the south for just over 3 years and haven't had any homestyle BBQ until yesterday! I ventured over to Westgate's Smokehouse Grill. As the name states it is located on the Westgate Resort property, but don't let that fool you-it's open to the public. First thing first, this place has a western decor so don't worry about getting dressed up (unless you want to wear your cowboy boots and hat).

So lets get down and dirty-let's discuss the food. First we split the loaded chips which are freshly cut everyday and soaked in apple juice! So the fresh chips are then covered with cheese and bacon topped with some sour cream.These were really tasty, something I might try to recreate at home. Its a large portion enough for a family of 4 to share as an appetizer. I definitely could not eat it all!

Smokehouse Grill has all of the traditional BBQ favorites. 

Now for the entree- we decided to have the BBQ sampler and all of the sides to go with it! We might have looked crazy, but this food was like it came from someone's home kitchen. The sampler plate had- smoked BBQ ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork. Nick was in love with the brisket which just fell apart. We later learned the brisket is smoked overnight for 12 hours! The meat was so tender-no knife needed. My favorite were the ribs which had a smokey flavor. Don't forget we still had pulled pork and chicken to eat!

What about the side dishes!!! Macaroni n cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, and baked beans. Ok I have to talk about one dish at a time before I get too excited. The mac n cheese is prepared and baked for each order.

The green beans were fresh and still crispy. I hate when veggies sit and get soggy.

The mashed potatoes were creamy and topped with butter that you could see. (not that healthy, but that's home cooking for you)

Last, but not least the baked beans-(beans, beans the musical fruit-the more you eat...) Ok-I've never, I repeat never have ate baked beans before. So I figured it was just about that time. These beans at the smokehouse are a family recipe that included actual bourbon! I can't see a better opportunity to try baked beans. Not too bad-they were sweet, not at all how I imagined baked beans.

Even though I stuffed myself, I saved room for some dessert. Nick and I split a huge piece of cheesecake with strawberries on top. The cheesecake was nice and fluffy. Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

The Smokehouse Grill was good homestyle cooking. The hospitality of our server was just as good as a great family member hosting a meal. There was even an arcade inside the smokehouse to entertain any little ones, who can play for free! I cleaned my plate just as my grandmom (insert family member here) would ask.

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