Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheese Steak State of Mind

Ah Philadelphia, how could I even say that I visited without eating a cheese steak or three without utter embarrassment, after all that is exactly what every person who knew I went asked me.  In the city of brotherly love, I saw cheese steaks being sold at just about every location, from sandwich shops to street vendors, leading me to believe it was a staple of Philadelphian nutrition.  Before I left Leann had mentioned something about “wiz”, essentially cheese wiz or nacho cheese being used as a topping on cheese steaks, and that being the way of most locals.  I found this to hit me a little strangely but wanted to try it to gather my own opinion.  Enter Geno's and Pat's.

 Within my first hour of touching ground in Philly, we were off to sample two of the biggest names in cheese steak goodness, Geno’s and Pat’s of Philadelphia.  Just across the street from each other, engaged in a war of epic proportions since the 1960’s.

 Coming through the Philadelphia streets I was getting anxious, and hungry, until at last I saw what looked like the Vegas of cheese steaks, the Geno’s Steaks sign and a crowd to match its awe.  We parked the car, split lines to make it quicker, and Leann and I ran over the Pat’s.  Now if you do not know how to order a cheese steak the Philly way, I recommend standing back and reading all the signs or listen to the other patrons orders.  The cashiers do not waste time, and every order must be very specific.  Within in minutes I was chomping down on my first bite of a real Philadelphia cheese steak (with wiz) and fried onions.  Delicious, greasy, cheesy, goodness.  I turned around and Leann was already running to Geno’s to get back in line, who has their own ordering instructions, with a sign posted. 

I did not want to break any peace treaties made between to the two and eat a Pat’s steak on Geno’s turf, but had no choice other than to eat it quickly.  By the time Leann had left Geno’s, the Pat’s steak was gone and after being yelled at for eating the entire cheese steak with only allowing her one bite, I was biting into Geno’s version of the sandwich.  Once again with wiz and onions.  Immediately I had to say that the Geno steak was better, it had better flavor, was not AS greasy, and came together nicely.  Here is a pic of me going to town. 

One cannot possibly go to Philadelphia without having a cheese steak or two, and that is exactly what I did.  While walking the city with Leann I came across numerous places which calimed to be number one and I am sure they are in someone’s book.  Out of Geno’s and Pat’s I have to stick with Geno’s, but regardless where you go, I am sure you will find a delicious sandwich.

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