Friday, September 23, 2011

Victory Meal at The Dandelion Pub

Where to eat after running 13.1 miles? That's a hard choice, there are so many great restaurants in Philadelphia. I decided The Dandelion Pub, a Starr Restaurant. The Starr Restaurant Organization is located on the East Coast mainly NY and PA, but they have started to expand to South Florida.

So why The Dandelion Pub? I'm a sucker for British food and culture. Ever since I studied abroad there I never want to leave. This pub makes you feel as if you are inside a British home, very cozy. Let's take a look at what I ate. First, a British cheese plate. 3 different cheeses, quince paste, grape chutney, and some savory biscuits (crackers). Delish. I love trying new cheeses!

Now there were many things on the menu to try for the entree, but I had to get their fish and chips to see if it tasted authentic. It did!!

My father had the Sunday roast, which is only served on Sunday's and bank holidays. Sunday roast is very traditional meal served usually on Sunday for a family meal. Meat, vegetables, potato, complete with Yorkshire pudding! (Not actually pudding to us Americans) I had a taste of his Yorkshire pudding because I love them, very flaky!

Time for tea-keeping with tradition my mother and I split a pot of tea. She ordered the scones and jam and I ordered the peach and blackberry cobbler. Both were good, but not extraordinary. I think I might skip dessert next time and head to a gelato stand or the Reading Terminal Market for dessert.

Overall, The Dandelion Pub was a great place to have a English meal. For my time spent there I felt like I was back in London except when I walked back on to the streets of Philadelphia reality sank in.

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  1. I ran off 1,200 calories and that was good, because I put it all back on at this place. I did enjoy my visit to London and I loved their cider beer and the fish and chips. I will also try places that offer British food, just to relive that time if just for a few hours. The place was sharp and I wanted to move in. The beer and the fish were excellent, but no mushy peas were offered. The scones for dessert were doable, but I had better in Haddonfield. Philly does look like London, but a lot cleaner (for the queen). I felt it was slightly pricey, but that could be that I still live in the dark ages? Everything is more $ now. A great place to celebrate a victory run.