Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar- Sarasota

If your looking for a great cut of steak, one word, Flemings. Flemings, is a well known chain that has 64 locations serving mainly steak and seafood. The first location was in Newport Beach, California. My Flemings experience took place in Sarasota, FL. I was lucky enough to join some of Sarasota's finest foodies to try out the 5 for $6 till 7 and some other specialities occurring at Flemings.

The operating partner, Dean Defebo, presented us the recent changes flemings had made- Food now appears at the beginning of the menu, not hidden behind the drinks, there are small plates that Flemings is now offering, a memorable meal special, and new drinks! Let the excitement of the night begin!

First, I was presented with the Stiletto martini! For the month of October this drink has been chosen to support The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and 100% proceeds go to raise funds for the charity. An added bonus-this drink is only 99 calories-I will drink to the charity and less calories! This wonderful martini is made with gin, blackberries, sugar free monin, lime juice, and diet ginger ale!

Moving on to the small plates-These dishes can be shared as an appetizer or maybe you are not looking for that huge cut of meat, but would prefer to try a few small dishes-these are the perfect remedy.

First small plate-Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp. Be prepared for that cajun heat, but it's not over bearing. These shrimp were really tasty and the avocado salad was a nice touch.

Who doesn't love fried food-gulity pleasure! You can fry almost anything. The next thing in front of me was lobster tempura. This used to be an appetizer-now a small plate. This lobster just melted in my mouth.

Seared ahi tuna was the next dish. Honestly this is only the second time I've tried tuna. It doesn't have a fish taste at all. Here at Flemings they coat the tuna in black pepper so it has a bite to it, but tastes extremely fresh. It is served alongside freshly made fried wontons!

After tuna came the scallops which were seasoned perfectly. I could have ate the whole plate, maybe you might want to keep this plate for yourself.

The next small plate, New Zealand lamb chops was modified from an entree. This was so tender. My mouth is watering just thinking about the food.

Now its time for the meats-silced filet mignon served over a risotto. This dish would make any Italian mother proud. The risotto had a great taste to compliment the filet mignon. 

Last, but not least, filet mignon skewers served with a hollandaise sauce. I think this was one of Nick's favorites. The meat was so tender, cooked to perfection.

The next thing I was able to sample was the memorable meal-served for one (49.50) or two people (99). It's a complete meal served with:
Spinach Salad
warm maple-cured bacon dressing, red onion julienne, gala apples and goat cheese crumbles
Beef Flemington & Shrimp Scampi 
filet mignon baked in a light pastry crust with mushroom duxelle, served with sautéed jumbo shrimp, oven roasted tomatoes and lemon garlic butter
(Each guest will receive this entrée)
Roasted Vegetable Trio
baby carrots, broccoli and curried cauliflower lightly tossed in a kalamata olive vinaigrette
White Chocolate Bread Pudding 
with bourbon crème anglaise and vanilla bean ice cream

I was only able to sample a small piece of the meal, but you can bet I wanted more. For the quality of food Flemings cooks this is for sure to be a memorable meal at such a low price. 

One last thing I have to mention is the new 46 diamonds wine that has just been released. I am usually not a huge red wine person, but this without a doubt is something you must try if you go to Flemings. This year Flemings partner is Salvatore Ferragamo of II Borro. 

My dinning experience at Flemings Sarasota was a memorable meal, enjoying new plates, making new friends, and with wonderful service. I highly recommend looking for a Flemings location near you. 

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  1. What a well written article. I would go here for sure if I was in the area. I think I would come just to try this place. I am making plans in my head as I type my comment. Your reviews are always excellent and your go to some of the neatest places. I am never disappointed when I try one of your suggested places. I trust your judgement. You have not steered me wrong.