Monday, September 26, 2011

Franklin Fountain

Walking the streets of historic Philadelphia is inspiring, just picturing our forefathers planning the future for us is exciting just  to think about (well maybe not for everyone). When I visit Philly and walk down the cobblestone roads I can just picture Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin's traveling on the roads beside me.

One food place that returns you to a simpler time is The Franklin Fountain, an old ice cream and soda parlor. I try to always stop here when I can. The ice cream is handmade and the whole place has a unique feel.

Ok-now what ice cream to choose from? The list from above is never ending!! The sundaes are mouth watering and after reviewing the menu we decided on the stock market crunch and the franklin mint!
 The stock market crunch is "ROCKY ROAD ice cream coated in thick peanut butter sauce and paved with crumbled salt pretzels. William Dreyer and Joseph Edy concocted the first batch of rocky road ice cream in 1929 following the great stock market crash to give consumers something to SMILE about during the impending Depression."
The franklin mint is "MINT CHIP and VANILLA ice creams striped in chocolate syrup, FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW glaze and Crème de Menthe finished with home-made whipped cream and
a mint green maraschino cherry.
Our own breath freshener!" 
In case you are wondering, there are embarrassing photos of me stuffing my face. I just can't post them!! You'll have to dream them up yourself!

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  1. After my homemade drink I am going here or should it be before? Either way I have to try it soon. Any takers?