Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon Philadelphia

The real reason of my visit to Philly-to run my 2nd half marathon with my mom. Our first run was the Wine and Dine half at Disney. We have always been active and running turned into a hobby for both of us  to stay in shape because we love to eat! After moving to Florida I learned about all the different 5k's Disney had so I decided to participate in them because it gave me motivation to keep working out. Finally, one day I was working at the Radisson Hotel and I saw some elderly guests leaving for the half marathon that day. That was my turning point, if they could run a half marathon so could I. That afternoon I called my mom and told her what I signed up for and asked her to join me. She was a bit hesitant at first and then she agreed. We weren't sure what we really got ourselves into, maybe I was a bit over my head, I never ran over 5 or 6 miles. 13.1 here we come and we finished in 2 hours and 24 minutes. We were both really happy with our finishing time and decided we would continue to run half-marathons at least one a year together.

Now we did the Animal Kingdom 5k with scavenger hunt and actually placed! Now we are getting serious. We signed up for the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half. Neither of us have done any races in the city. I must say it was pretty impressive to be running down Market Street without any cars or traffic. I've never seen the city so undisturbed. It was a beautiful and peaceful run. I am a strong beginner leading my mom through the first 5 miles or so and when I start to get tired to pulls me through the last miles with her encouraging words. We even cut 15 minutes off our time!!! We crossed the finish line in 2 hours and 9 minutes!

Running these races with my mom makes me so happy. It's experience and bond no one else can share because its an adventure you would only understand if your running the race, a great accomplishment to share. I hope some of my readers will be inspired to try a run with a family member or friend. Stay active and healthy!

Next run October 1st-my 2nd Wine and Dine Half Marathon, but this year I'm on my own! 

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  1. Your the best running partner, Leann! You keep me motivated to continue to train hard so I can keep up with you. Each race is special and has its own memories. We had a great run and we improved over the last one. If I am going to eat (which I love to try your suggestions) I have to run, or I will not fit into any of my clothes. I burn it off to put it on!