Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mr. Philadelphia & Reading Terminal Market

Saturday morning I picked up my race packet at the Philadelphia Convention Center and what better place to visit afterwards-The Reading Terminal Market. There I met up with an friend,Al, he works at the Independence Visitor Center. I knew him way back when I used to give historic walking tours of Philadelphia. You could call Al a concierge of sorts- who has now branded himself as "Mr. Philadelphia." If you have a question about the city the native Philadelphian can tell you exactly where to go or what the local people of Philly do for fun.

This market has been around since the city's early development. It's filled with vendors and food choices for anyone! There are fresh meats, fish, produce, sweets, and amish baked goods. Besides having food to take home, there's vendors selling meals! 

While I stood in a 30 minute line for DiNic's roast pork sandwich I asked Al a few questions I had for him. 
Mr. Philadelphia and I

T&T: Where would you suggest visitors go to eat?

Mr.Philly: The Reading Terminal Market actually, because its where commerce meets culture and history! 

T&T: Can you explain the Reading Terminal Market (RTM) for my readers.

Mr. Philly: The Reading Terminal Market is a homegrown Philly entity. Locals and tourists come here alike and there's this special feeling of wow you get when you leave. I've come here since I was a young child and can remember standing around while all the ladies waited for the baked goods to go on sale for the last hour. The Reading Terminal Market is an experience you have to have for yourself. 

T&T: Thanks for summing that up for us Al. 

Al "Mr. Philly" also gave me tons of recommendations of places to check out in the city.

 Just under 30 minutes I made it to the front of the DiNic's line. 3 roast pork with sharp provolone topped with broccoli rabe! No one went hungry thats for sure. I couldn't even finish my whole sandwich! 

After stuffing myself with DiNic's I made some room for America's oldest ice cream- Bassett's-also located inside Reading Terminal! I went with a small and split it with Nick. 2 scopes of mint chocolate chip and 2 peanut butter! 
Yes-this is a small!! 

The next day I had to run 13.1 miles-stay posted to see if I crossed the finish line or not!!

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  1. That pork sandwich was the best! We should have shared one. The market was packed, lines were long, hard to get seating and move around, but we didn't give up. I think everyone racing 1(9,000 runners) were in there getting lunch after picking up their packets. I plan to go back when I can look around and taste more.