Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My other ride is a Coaster!!

Hey travelers-you probably thought I forgot about you. I didn’t! On Memorial Day I took a day trip to Tampa, FL to go to Busch Gardens. There are two Busch Garden parks in the US-Virginia and Florida. I had never been before and one perk of working in the hospitality business-free passes for a year to Sea World and Busch Gardens in Florida.

What I was most looking forward to at the park you may ask? The Coasters!!!! I love roller coasters-maybe you call it adrenaline junkie-whatever-the thrill-the speed-screaming at the top of my lungs because it looks like I fall any moment-love it all! Busch Gardens just opened a new roller coaster, Cheetah Hunt; you go from zero to cheetah-yes super cheesy. This ride is by far the longest ride-3 ½ minuets and the track is 4,429 ft long being the longest track in Florida. We did wait in line for 2hours to ride and I can imagine this summer it will just get longer. We were successful in riding almost every coaster and the lines weren’t horrible. When I first arrived we rode SheiKra several times because there were no lines. Some of the other coasters we rode were the Montu, Scorpion, and the Kumba. 

We missed the Gwazi, a wooden roller coaster, but I made an exception and went on the river rapid ride. It’s one thing to be walking around hot and sweaty, but hot, sweaty, and drenched, soaking wet. Not my favorite thing! I went though and of course we got soaking wet. My shorts kept sticking to my legs-gross!
One thing I would suggest to any couple or family-get the meal deal bracelet-all you can eat and drink all day long for only 30 dollars!!! You will definitely get your money worth in just drinks!
Overall-I think if you come to Florida and you are not dead set on seeing Mickey or Harry-go to Busch Gardens they have tons of great rides. The park has lots of shows for all ages, animals, and fabulous coasters!

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  1. I LOVE roller coasters and every time I am in Florida, I have to go to an amusement park! I always have such a great time when I am there, so glad I came across this! I had a great time the last time I was there, I was in Palm Bay actually, right outside of Orlando. I was staying at the Palm Bay Hotel ( so cheap and great location- I save so much money by staying there, leaving me a ton for amusement parks!