Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hawkers Asian Fare-Mills 50 District

Saturday I met up with my girlfriend Jordan for some Asian Cuisine I've been dying to try out-Hawkers. Jordan was the perfect person to join me on my mission. I've heard great things about Hawkers and I was ready to put it to the test.

Our waiter was really friendly as I asked for his recommendations and told him how high my standards were for the restaurant.

First let me make it known Hawkers serves Asian food, tapas style-small dishes to share. Our first two choices were duck lettuce wraps and roti cani.

 I was weary of the duck (I've been to China and I can be pretty picky). The duck was really fresh and tasted great. The roti was one of my favorites. The curry has such a great taste I could have licked the bowl clean! Next a noodle dish-we went for Malaysian Mei Fun. Very fresh good serving-with chicken and shrimp.

Mind you I came on an empty stomach ready to get my fill-next we try some of Hawker's originals- fish tacos and curry mash potatoes. The tacos were good, but bland so we put some of the curry on it and that spiced it up. The mash potatoes were something different something I would try recreating at home.

Hawkers is for sure a thumbs up and I will be back!!

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