Friday, June 10, 2011

Grocery Store/Cooking Classes/Bistro/Catering all in ONE!

Ever go to the grocery store and realize you are hungry and your pulling everything off the shelf into your cart? (yup-been there done that!) What about you see something that looks good and wonder how you make it?! Or you buy something the store made and you wish you could have 30 for that party your hosting? I've got your answer if you live in TEXAS-Hubbell & Hudson.
Hubbell & Hudson has a market for your grocery needs, a bistro to fill your stomach, a cooking school, and catering available. I would love to take a road trip here. The bistro offers a lunch, dinner, and brunch menu. From the pictures on the site this is an upscale neighborhood bistro! Cooking classes you ask-Viking Cooking School. The June schedule is all, but a few days sold out! Lets not forget the 10 page catering menu offered! Just thinking of it Hubbell & Hudson puts Whole Foods to shame. If I make it to Texas I would love to check this place out. If anyone has ever been please let us know how it is!!! 

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