Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Milk District-Quenches your Thirst!

The Milk District is the future of the hipster scene. If you have ever been to Northern Liberties in Philadelphia, PA this is what  the Milk District will become. The Milk District gets it name because of the T.G. Lee Milk distributor on Robinson St. It has various bars and restaurants all in walking distance of each other. 
Dean in the Milk District
So you are probably wondering-where did I go. Yes I brought Dean along too-he's always up to try some new food. We tried Spooky's Black Cat Cafe for dinner. We almost drove past the place because it really doesn't have a sign. You had to look close-the building was painted to say Spooky's. 

Our waitress was super friendly and was eager to help us with all the questions we had. I settled for a homemade white sangria and Dean had a milk stout. 
Then we had the Tour of India which was a- trio of Baigan Bharta style eggplant curried dip, Pav Baji style vegetable curry dip and Patra style aloo leave, curries and a tamarind roll with a side of curried yogurt, toasted Naan bread, and today’s crisps. So good!!!! The flavor was very distinct and each complimented each other. 

So after the appetizer-what next-we had a total of 3 menus in front of us because currently The Social Chameleon is under renovation so Spooky's is serving their pizza's.Then there's the regular menu and then today's creations which change on a regular basis.  So our next thing to try-Meatloaf Pizza. Sounds interesting right-well is was really good. Meatloaf with sauce, bbq sauce, cheese and peppers. 

Now we're pretty full and its time to take a stroll to see the area. We ended up at the Bull n Bush-English Pub. Its dark inside with dark wood. There's several dart boards and a typical menu with English fare-fish and chips. While I was there I took advantage of the Blackthorn cider on tap! I was reminiscing having a pint in London. 
Bull n Bush is laid back. Dean and I chatted while the music similar to what you might hear at Ibar. Come to find out it was the bartender's ipod playing in the back-nice music taste- Tiffany. She was friendly, down to earth. Sitting at the end of the bar, Scott, the manager or assistant manager depending on the night. He told us about a small patio they have on the back to enjoy drinks. Bull n Bush was a really chill place that I would revisit. And if you don't want a full pint-you can get a half! 
The Milk District has a potential to become something great. It might take years to develop, but the location is nice and its easy to walk around the neighborhood. See you in the Milk District. 

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  1. The milk district was refreshing simple and alive with synergy radiating through the walls. Unlike downtown, an absence of the narcissistic smog of its melting plastic patrons The Milk District is a breath of fresh cool Florida air. There are deep beer lists for nearly all of the Milk District bars and some of them with great food menus too!  Cafes and bars have been here over 20 years and its near perfection. Once the Social Chameleon reopens after renovations, others like Bull & Bush, Lou's, Spooky's and more the District just may become Orlando's best new old hangout...again.  
    Seems like the hipster thing to do.