Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shipyard Emporium-Winter Park

I have been patiently waiting to try out Shipyard Emporium located in Winter Park. For those of you not familiar-Shipyard is a brewing company located in Maine. The emporium is a market, bakery, and brew pub. There is a beer and wine list, but I had been waiting to try the Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat beer. 

Each week there is a special brew made there on site also. Next time I will def have to try it out. My blueberry beer even had a few blueberries floating in it-nice touch. For an appetizer I tried the buffalo chicken dip. Really tasty.
It came with the small crostini to dip. The chicken was plentiful and the dip had just even of a tang for me. If you like things really spicy try asking for them to kick it up a notch. For dinner I had the Lake Rose sandwich turkey with brie and some kind of cranberry/orange jam-yummy. You have a few choices for sides and I chose the pasta salad which was pretty good. 

My friend ordered the roast beef also with the pasta salad and there were no complaints from that side of the table either.
Shipyard was all that I expected it to be. It was a great atmosphere and even if you just want to run in to grab some great beers and bread its easy and accessible. Cheers!

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  1. That bread looks amazing. I could eat just the bread for dinner and maybe a blueberry beer to wash it down with.