Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sea World-What a bore!

Not many people can say they can avoid the 14 dollar parking fee of sea world by walking there. I can!! Monday I used my fun card to go with a guest to Sea World. The park was not to busy. We rode the only 2 coasters twice each, Kraken and Manta. Manta the newest coaster to the park opened in 2009. The ride straps you in and has you riding on your stomach. It flips you backwards and forwards, twists, turns, and the water effects just adds to it.

 We went to see the new Shamu show, One Ocean. It was cute. Everyone loves to be splashed by Shamu's tail. It was nice to sit down and cool off. We were sitting all the way near the top, but it was still a great view. 

Other than that, I can't say anything good about the food. Dean and I did share a Shamu shaped pretzel-clever of them. We had an over priced lunch of fish and chips and chicken fingers that were nothing more than deep fried and threw on the plate. 
I wouldn't suggest going to Sea World unless you have someone who is desperate to go! 

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