Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coconuts on the Beach

Over my holiday I had some great foods and good times. Now to go back and recap them all. I love the opportunity to be a beach bum when I can. My first stop over the long holiday weekend was Coconuts at Cocoa Beach, FL. Many locals hang out here. Coconuts is right on the beach and has drinks, live music, and beach food. Cocoa Beach is just about an hour drive from Orlando-making it the closest. After a few drinks and I've had enough sun I headed inside to fill up on some food. The place is usually bustling so be prepared to make a quick decision on food so you're not waiting forever. Ofcourse, I feel so pressured to have another drink while sitting in the AC cooling off.
I decided on a mild buffalo chicken sandwich with fries-you have the option of getting sweet potato fries too. The sandwich was fresh and just what I was looking for at the end of my day. I classify Coconuts as beach food-its drinks, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, ect. Don't look for anything gourmet just plain and simple done well. 

"A taste to remember...a place you'll never forget"-Coconuts on the Beach

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