Thursday, July 21, 2011

Open City DC

I arrived into DC late Monday night, but still anxious to see the town I explored the area where I was staying and stumbled upon Open City. There was a nice seating area outside, but needing to get relief from the heat I opted to go inside. When I walked it-I wasn't sure what to expect-a huge pastry case, bar, and then a large seating area. This def isn't your average diner.

Nick and I were pretty hungry. We were looking at some humus for an appetizer, but our server Connie suggested the bacon dip. Ok-we'll give it a try. BEST dip EVER! Applewood smoked bacon, artichoke, spinach, and roasted garlic. Melt in my mouth!

We were still not full-so what do we order-late night- BBQ Chicken pizza. 

Obviously you can see we were digging in before I could get a shot of the pizza. The pizza had a thin crust which I really enjoyed. Reminded me of pizza I would get up north at home. Successful evening with a full stomach! 

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