Thursday, July 28, 2011

Filomena's Italian Restaurant DC

I almost forgot to write about this restaurant--and I don't know how I could forget-Filomena's Italian Restaurant-it's in historic Georgetown in DC. This place was voted one of the best Italian Restaurants and I can vouch for this!!! This place has been in operation since 1983.
This restaurant is frequented by many famous people-just take a close look at the menu-The Restaurant that's known by the company it keeps! First some fresh bread and olive oil-always a staple italian dish

Appetizer? One of my favorites that will never get old-calamari-espesically if it's cooked well. This calamari was crispy and tasted great.
Now what should I order for my meal-the menu just went on and on- I settled on the homemade ravioli in the lobster sauce with shrimp and scallops. I was a little weary about lobster sauce, but OMG-this dish was so good. The ravioli just melted in my mouth. It was a large dish and I couldn't even finish it.
Nick had the veal with pasta-I'm not a big veal fan so I did not try it, but he said it was very tender. The presentation was nice. 
Now, do I have room for dessert? Ofcourse!! You never have to ask me twice about dessert. First they brought out two carafes- one with sambuca and another with anisette. My father always loved to put sambuca in his coffee on special occasions. I tried the anisette, which is very sweet. 

We decided to split a piece of tiramisu. I only tried this dessert once before and I was not a fan. This time I decided to give it a second chance and I was very glad that I did. It was amazing. The flavors blended very nicely and it was freshly made. The piece was large and I was filling up fast. 

If you are in the DC area I recommend Filomena's for a nice evening out. I always enjoy trying a mom and pop's restaurant over a chain, especially in an area I've never been to before. Filomena's has a rich history they share with the public one dish at a time. 

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