Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bahama Breeze-Yes another chain Restaurant

Ok-you're probably thinking I've lost it right about now, seeing me review another chain restaurant, but I promise you will be just as surprised as I was. I usually stray away from the chains, recently I've found some pretty good meals that will more than satisfy your taste buds (plus I had a $10 off coupon). Bahama Breeze here I come!

First, lets start with this delicious drink-the Bahama rita! The picture is what sold me, but when I received a drink in front of me that actually looked like the picture and tasted even better I was really impressed.

For an appetizer we ordered the shrimp and lobster quesadilla. You can actually see the chunks of lobster and shrimp. It's a pretty filling appetizer so make sure you save room.

For my entree I had the grilled tilapia tostada-3 cheeses melted on the flatbread, bed of greens, avocado, a tropical vinaigrette dressing, and grilled tilapia. So yummy and filling. It is perfect when the weather is hot and your hungry, but the heat is holding you down from eating a huge heavy meal.  The flavors just blend together so nicely, savory and sweet.

Nick had the mahi-mahi, a selection from the fresh fish menu, served with a choice of one side. He picked the garlic mashed potatoes. Vegetable for that evening was green beans. I didn't sample his meal as I was stuffing my face, but as usual he finished his plate, so from a man's viewpoint-it was good.

Until my next dining venture, stay hungry!

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