Friday, October 28, 2011

Village Whiskey-The 2nd Time Around

On my previous trip to Philly I made a stop at Village Whiskey, but this time I had to stop again! Crazy-I know. I just couldn't get enough of their duck fat fries and wanted to try some other things on their menu that I just couldn't stuff in last time.

As a starter, we had the pickled herb cherry tomatoes. This comes with whipped ricotta, black olive tapenade, and toasted sourdough. What a great way to start a meal. I am not a huge fan of cherry tomatoes. These were way different then expected. The skin was peeled off and they came in a small ball jar. The whipped ricotta was so fresh tasting. I loved spreading the ricotta and then putting a tomato on top.

This time around instead of having a sandwich I had the cobb salad- ROMAINE, AVOCADO, BLACKENED CHICKEN, BACON, BLEU CHEESE. So tasty and very filling. 

I have to compliment the chef-the chicken was tender and had the best taste! I'm not sure what the dressing was, but it was light and complimented all the flavors of the salad. The cherry tomatoes on the salad also had been peeled. 

It was a delightful meal. I was fully satisfied and would return again for a great meal with anyone who would join me. 

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