Saturday, October 29, 2011

Linvilla Orchards-Media, PA

Nothing says fall like going to an orchard and picking out a pumpkin. As a small child I used to visit Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA every year.  Just recently, I went back with my family and was amazed to see the changes. In 1914, the Linvill family had a dairy farm. They would ship their products to Philadelphia. To make more money they started an orchard and sold produce from the front porch. They became so popular they moved the store into their barn.

Unfortunately, in 2002 they barn (picture above) burnt down. The Linvill family still operated the orchard and has plans in the future to rebuild it.

There are now 2 new buildings that Linvilla Orchards operates out of.

The reason why we go to Linvilla isn't for the pumpkins, but their pies! My mom loves their Apple Carmel Walnut. They offer over 30 types of pies! The one picture I don't have is the pie! But take my word for it-they are great! We've been going to Linvilla Orchard for over 10 years!  They have a small market carrying local produce and ofcourse any seasonal fruit they have. 

The fall is the best time to go and see their pumpkin displays in "PumpkinLand."

Pumpkins just have a spell binding way about them. 

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