Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Morning Glory Diner-Philadelphia

If you're from Jersey or Pennsylvania I think you are pretty much born with the love for diner food in your veins. There's just something special about being able to order breakfast at any time of the day. Growing up in Jersey I always went to the local diner with family and friends. When I was old enough I even worked in a diner. So it brings me to discuss my latest diner find-just mere blocks from South Street in Philly-Sam's Morning Glory-A Finer Diner.  All those years I went to South Street and lived in Philly, I was missing this precious gem. This is a must visit if you are in the Philly area.

We order two coffees and they came in what I would say looks like camping coffee cups. Pretty good diner coffee too!

Let's get down to the grub. I did a little research before going to eat here to see what their most popular items were. My mom ended up ordering the Monkey French Toast: challah French toast stuffed with caramelized bananas & mangoes,topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream 
This was some really great french toast. Yes I had a bite or 3. Neither my mom or I eat french toast that often, but this I could eat everyday. The fruit inside really made it. My mom really enjoyed the caramelized bananas. 
I, on the other hand ordered the Foccacia Breakfast Sandwich: with a fried egg and cheese, and bacon served with potatoes.
I was expecting this sandwich to be really heavy like a normal breakfast sandwich. This was light and fluffy. The bread was fresh! What does pretty much everyone use on their potatoes? Ketchup! Well Morning Glory makes their own homemade ketchup!!!! 

Crazy I know. I was in shock too. Fresh, homemade ketchup. I'm in love with this place. 

Morning Glory is pretty small so the earlier you get there the better. Where I was taking the picture from is pretty much the back of the diner. Morning Glory is a must eat for a great meal that will get you going for the day. Eat on!

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