Saturday, August 6, 2011

Acropolis in Ybor City

I was in Tampa last week as just a quick getaway and after a long day traveling and relaxing on the beach I was looking for a restaurant open late. Options were becoming far and few in Ybor City as I was trying to avoid bar food. Nick and I found Acropolis to be open late. This greek restaurant is a small chain in Florida.
For an appetizer we tried the Tirosalata-which is a creamy blend of feta cheese served with pita. It was extremely fresh and the pita was warm and toasty. I could have ate this dish as my meal with a nice bottle of wine. 

Now for the main dish-we both had fish. Nick had the red snapper which is a speciality there-cooked fresh on the grill with just olive oil.
I had the Mahi Plaki- mahi mahi with tomato sauce, vegetables, and orzo with feta. I loved my dish. The orzo was great and the fish just melted in my mouth. There were two large pieces and I could only finish one. It was ashamed I couldn't take the rest of the food with us. I would go back here for sure.
I had a great time in Tampa-the city needs to be built back up a bit, but overall I think it's come a long way.

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