Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Hyppo-Gourment Popsicle

So if you haven't notice gourmet popsicles are the hottest new thing or should I say coolest. (lame I know) Everyone is coming up with exciting flavors that aren't for the kids-its an adult popsicle. While in St. Augustine I dropped into The Hyppo. I tried the pineapple cilantro and my mom tried the cucumber mint. Both pops were very refreshing.

After we got our popsicles we took a nice stroll around the area. These pops are perfect to cool you down on a hot summer night. There are some pretty crazy flavors that range from lavender lemonade to mango habanero! 


  1. These were the best! I am going to try and recreate these at home. I would love to try some of the other different flavors. Eating these popsicles made you feel like a kid again, but with grown up flavors.

  2. Love the Hyppo! I had the key lime on my most recent visit!