Monday, August 15, 2011

Flying Fish Cafe Chef's Tasting Wine Experience

Since my family was coming to town for my graduation I was in charge of picking some places to eat while they were here. My undergrad we dined at Cheesecake Factory, which is pretty standard, as it caters to many different palates. This time it was just my parents, boyfriend, and I. I did some research and with Disney in my backyard I found the Flying Fish Cafe which is at the Boardwalk-no admission fee. My guests and I were not just eating in the restaurant, but were placed in front of chef's preparing food for the patrons and given special menus with a wine to go with each course. It was great service and made you feel extra special. The chef came out before the meal to introduce himself and take a picture with everyone. It was just perfect because my business plan during my masters degree was for a restaurant. 

Lets talk food. First course was smoked salmon, quail egg, caviar, and some avocado cream. This is the first time I ever had caviar and a quail egg. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. The caviar was a bit salty for my taste. 

Next-crispy rice-crusted moreton bay "bug".You are probably reading this thinking-bug? Where are you eating again and how much did you pay to eat a bug. Actually this "Bug" is pretty much the mix between a  crab and lobster. It was very tasty. 

Who's ready for some duck? ME! This was amazing-duck confit trofie pasta. The duck was cooked just right, not greasy or fatty. This special handmade pasta was delightful. 

To cleanse the palate they brought out lemon cello and a lemon sorbet. So refreshing. 

The main course was pork tenderloin in truffle-laced corn "pudding" with wild mushrooms in a port wine, truffle and veal reduction. Amazing! 

There is always room for dessert-peanut butter and pretzel dianduja and a chocolate torta. 

The whole dinning experience was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for anything better. You do have to make reservations for this and I believe there is limited availability. 

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  1. Great pick Leann. We had a wonderful time celebrating here in honor of Leann's accomplishment from Full Sail University. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for. It was a fun and eventful night. A different dinning experience and excellent food. I liked "the bug" the best.