Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sbraga-Philadelphia, PA

To celebrate the start of my new job I was told to pick a place to go to dinner. Oh the choices in Philadelphia, PA. Pretty much endless. Do I go to a favorite or try something new. I decided to be adventurous. A new restaurant in Philly, Sbraga, is right on Broad Street.

Sbraga-is American, modern cuisine, that comes in 4 courses for $45. There's more add on if your interested. Everyone choses from an appetizer, fish, meat, and then a dessert. The dishes take some basic homestyle favorites and puts a twist on them. If you try planning your meal before hand, you might just want to wait till you get there. The menu tends to differ from what is online and the servers do a great job explaining the dishes.

First, I decided on the eggplant app. I can't quite explain the dish, but it tasted amazing. Eggplant, tomato, and goat cheese.
For my fish, I decided to go with the Mackerel. Which did have a bit of a spice to it, but it was great. Normally an oily fish, it was steamed and tasted great.
My parents both had the fish and chips, which I have read great reviews and my mother confirmed them. Instead of a tartar sauce the fish is served with sauce that has an Indian curry flare.

For the meat dish I had to go with the meatloaf. Meatloaf? With a bacon marmalade? Things were going to get interesting I though! Tasted wonderful.
Now time to decide on a dessert. Everything sounded delicious. My parents both decided on the Banana Passion fruit, which was so light and just melted in your both. Even the display was beautiful.
I decided to go with something more rich-the hot chocolate dessert. Rich chocolate with warm vanilla ice cream. Drool!
Overall, I thought the meal was great, some home cooked favorites got a facelift. Keep it up Chef Sbraga, I enjoyed your creations that kept me wanting more.

One thing I will warn you all of, there are open candles on the tables, a lady behind me caught her menu on fire! I had to just laugh as she didn't even notice until my father pointed it out to her and the waiter quickly took it away from her!!!! She even said she thought she smelled something burning, but she thought it was coming from the kitchen! haha

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