Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pasta 101

I have to say I'm pretty lucky. In these economic times, I recently have been able to secure a great job with my favorite pasta company, Severino. My passion for food, people, and marketing have lead me to be the Florida District Representative for Severino Pasta. The pasta is homemade in New Jersey, but sold in a growing number of Whole Foods locations. I will be servicing 16 stores in Florida.

Part of my training was to come back up to the store to learn everything about the pasta-what it's made of, how it's made, packaged, and distributed. First off, let me tell you this is not a huge manufacturing warehouse. Severino is as fresh as it gets. About 20 employees making the pasta and cutting it fresh! My senses came alive in the store. The machines, which were imported (40 or so more years ago) from Italy are roaring loudly as I walk into the store at 8:30 am. The colors of the pasta are so vivid and you can smell when they are making wasabi pasta a mile away!

I honestly didn't know what to expect as far as training went, but I was suited up with a chef jacket and hairnet and off to work I went. One of my favorites has to be cutting the spaghetti and boxing it. Later in the day I sealed boxes of dry pasta. There's no conveyor belt, I hot glued each box myself and put stickers on each container. If thats not a labor of love, I'm not sure what is.

Throughout the day I started to reflect about how amazing this company is. The small group of employees have learned a wonderful trade and continue to share it with us today. Not many companies are like this today. The owners are hands on about everything, continuing to work on the floor with everyone else. The staff here are as great as the pasta itself, everyone has let me help them and taken the time to explain everything to me. From what I have learned there are rarely any turn overs and the company just recently had one of their first retirees.

I'm looking forward to starting a great career with Severino Pasta. Continue to follow along as my journey begins. 

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  1. I have visited this store many times to purchase their products, and they are top shelf. The staff has always been friendly and helpful, and one who has waited on us many of the times we stopped in was a young lady named Leigh Ann. She is is very knowledgeable on the merchandise and always suggest ways to use the product. We have carried items from the store in our carry on bags to Fl. Now it is nice to know that Severino products are readily available in Fl. now. Leann you have to let as many Floridans try the pasta. They will love it and you too! Best of luck in your new adventure and I will be looking forward to reading your blog to see what is going on in the pasta world.