Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Le Macaron

After returning from my wonderful trip to Colorado Nick and I decided to grab lunch in the Winter Park area. I don't what made me think of it, but back in August I was in Sarasota and I introduced my mother and Nick to Le Macaron.  We chatted with Gregory who said they were going to be opening another shop in Winter Park. Fast forward to present day- I found out Le Macaron in Winter Park has been open about a month!!!

Now when I talk about macarons I am not talking about that coconut pastry desert that usually has chocolate on it. Like the one below.
The french version is amazing. The outside is slightly crisp like a cookie, but it has a soft and gooey inside. There's a variety of flavors.
Some of our favorites would have to be the creme brulee cherry, carmel, and fresh mint. But I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. Gregory the owner is very friendly and is always suggesting you try different macarons. Just make sure you don't refer to him as burly, as Gregory pointed out the one thing he did not like about an otherwise great article about his shop. 

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