Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hanson's Shoe Repair-Orlando, FL

Hanson's Shoe Repair Shop...if your shoes have lost their spirit or are prohibiting you from walking properly then listen carefully....please speak easily into the phone to schedule a time to drop off your shoes...let us know how many and a time and we will let you know shortly if we can accommodate your request....

If you haven't caught on to my drift yet, you are missing out on the newest speakeasy in downtown Orlando. Hanson's Shoe Repair is hidden on the 3rd floor of NV Art Bar. You must call and schedule a time with how many shoes you will be dropping off (code for people). Once you receive your code word you must wait to give the password to the private entrance to enjoy the intimate space decked out in 1920's decor. It doesn't stop there, drinks are pretty accurate to the time there also, so don't ask for a jager bomb! My recommendation is to go early, enjoy the space before it gets to crowded. Hanson's can't hold much more than 30 people. The bartenders are great. We had Marvin and he gave very good recommendations.

My shoes might just need to be repaired more often! 

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  1. Good luck getting a code from them....they don't respond to your voice mails.