Sunday, April 7, 2013

Noosa Yoghurt

Being in Whole Foods Market all the time I see tons of products I always want to try! I've been eyeing up this yoghurt for some time and finally caved in to trying it! I wanted to know what the hype was about Noosa Yoghurt!
A little back story on this yoghurt-they are originally from Australia and now the makers live in Colorado. This yoghurt is super creamy-I've never tasted anything like it. Recently, I pretty much gave up on "regular" yogurt and switched to greek. This was defiantly a treat-almost like a pudding.

This yoghurt is 2 servings so I tried to mix up the fruit and scoop out what I was eating for one serving. I rather have a one serving size cup, but I could have ate the whole thing myself it was so tasty. If your looking for something new, give Noosa a try!

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