Friday, August 10, 2012

Keep Austin Weird

Going back in time a bit, I got sent to Austin, Texas for work a few months back, and loved it! Not sure what to expect, visions of cowboys danced in my head with a long southern draw that I wouldn't understand. It was almost the opposite, Austin, was this hip, chic, urban place I did not want to leave.

After arriving I headed to get settled at my hotel, The San Jose. My boss suggested I stay here and it looked pretty cool online. Well, it was more than cool. The building was covered in ivy and the whole feel of the place was very laid back and relaxing, I was on Texas Time now. Each room had it's own entrance not a shared hallway. The decor was modern and chic. Really could I just pick this place up and move it back to Fort Lauderdale.

Now to feed my stomach. I asked for a few local recommendations and I ended up at Hopdoddy, a burger bar. where everything is made in house. I really enjoy places like this. I ended up with the GREEK burger-Lamb, Feta Cheese, Arugula, Pickled Red Onions, Tomato, Cucumber, Tzatziki Sauce. Oh and the seasonal peach cobbler milkshake!!!! AMAZING! Get there early because there will be a line!

Next I headed down Congress Street to check out the shops and sites. I found Allen's Boots! Cowboys?
Yes! Real boots? Yes! There were rows and rows of boots, every shape, size, and color. Just leave me in here for a bit to cool off and enjoy the country music. And ofcourse, buy my first official cowboy boots. If you didn't know when I was young, I was obsessed with country style, I had a horse and a goat. So I decided on a pair of Tony Lucchese boots, which are made right in Texas. 
After my purchase, I headed down to the state capital building to learn a bit about the history of Texas. 
My next day in Texas, was all work related, a new Whole Foods was opening in Arbor Trails! Beautiful store. Did you know Whole Foods originated in Austin, Texas??
I think there must of been something in the water, because I just wanted to enjoy everything Texan. Texas tea, Texas BBQ, and I don't even like red meat. 

Overall, I wish I could have extended my trip. I had a wonderful time and the people were just so welcoming. Austin had its strange and weird things, but that is what made it quirky and had me coming back for more! Till next time-Keep Austin Weird!

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  1. You make me want to go there! Maybe we can join up there if there is a next visit!