Monday, April 18, 2011

Lake Eola Farmer's Market-a Delicious Day!

            This past Sunday, I was able to make it down to the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of people that were there. I didn’t know what to expect from a farmer’s market in downtown Orlando, as this was my first time going.  There were about 15 different vendors.

            As I wandered around the area to give the vendors a once over I was trying to decide what I would eat first.  My partner in crime, Dean, spotted fire roasted corn and after seeing the corn on the grill still in the husk that’s what we decided to go for first. The man in charge of grilling and then husking the corn was in high spirits and very excited about the fresh produce. After pulling the husk back, the corn was steaming; he dipped it in butter that he claimed was from Lancaster “Amish Country” Pennsylvania. They sell the butter for about $6 a pound! (a bit to high for my pocket) The corn man also offers additional seasonings to put on your corn like salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, ect. This stand also sells local produce. Some of the other vendors included Korean BBQ, Jamaican food, and the great American hot dog.  After Dean and I got our corn on the cob, which cost us $2, an ear (reasonable) we found our way into the seating area, but without a drink in hand we made our way to the Orlando Brewery tent. They offer a wristband for $10 all you can drink mimosas from 10-4pm (sweet deal if you can walk or cab it home)! We opted for the $4 draft organic beer.  I believe the beer was the red ale, but not totally sure. The brewery located downtown offers free tours (something I will check out soon). There was a local musician taking requests for songs. The atmosphere in the area was great.

            The merchants varied from arts, crafts, and homemade foods. One company I would especially like to give shout out to is the Sun Chowder Emporia. I found this company about a year ago at the Whole Food’s farmer’s market in the Dr. Phillips area. The lady who makes the jams, butters, and chutney is super sweet. My favorite is her jalapeno, apricot, and wildflower honey jam! It has a little kick and is sweet at the same time. It can be used a glaze or dip! Delish! I put it over cream cheese and served it as a spread at a party-amazing! You must give her stuff a try! Everything is homemade without corn syrup or preservatives! Another merchant that caught my eye was Bella’s Gourmet Cheese. They have a variety of cheeses to try. I walked away with brie and the drunken goat cheese (made from goats milk and then soaked in red wine). Unfortunately, I walked away without finding out where their cheese came from or their location!
            The Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola is a must visit, it promises a delicious day ahead of you. It’s open every Sunday from 10am-4pm. Bring along friends and family and spread the local food love. 

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