Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heading back to Dirty Jerz

Finally,  after almost a year, I will be back in Jersey for only 3 days! My ever-growing food list is continuing to grow (like my hunger for a Jim’s Cheesesteak)-how will I make it to all my favorites and what I have added to my list?! I’ll be flying into Atlantic City on Monday morning. My parents are picking me up and I’ll first be headed to the outlets to do some shopping. For lunch, possibly White House Subs. This restaurant has been around forever, its small, and always busy! I have to make a stop in Haddonfield, NJ. There’s a place called The British Chip Shop-for of course fish and chips!!! When I’m in Philly I would love to go to North 3rd  (old stomping grounds) or PYT (new burger joint that is making big headlines). So many place to eat and just so little time. I’ll take this one bite at a time. 

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