Thursday, February 24, 2011

Restaurant Review-Antonio’s Ristorante on Sand Lake

Hello Foodies! It’s been awhile since I've been out to eat, but here’s another restaurant review to make your taste buds tingle. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I had dinner at Antonio’s Ristorante on Sand Lake Road. For those of you not familiar with Antonio’s it is a chain that has begun to spread though central Florida. On Valentine’s Day Antonio’s was offering a 3 course set menu.
            For the appetizer Jim chose Gamberoni alla Siciliana. This dish is shrimp wrapped in pancetta in a white wine sauce. Of course I had to try one piece! Delicious! I had the caprese-your basic buffalo milk mozzarella severed on tomato with basil, and olive oil. The serving sizes of both were really filling. Before not to fill up to much on your appetizer. If it weren’t a set menu, we probably would have ordered only one appetizer.
            For our main entrée we both ended up ordering the same dish-grouper. The fish was cooked well and the meat of the fish was laid on top of cheesy rice with a red sauce. The dish was very tasty and is not on their daily menu so keep a look for any specials. I would recommend it for sure because it’s something I wouldn’t make at home.
            I must mention they had a nice selection of wines. Beware their prices are a little above average. There are not many options if you only want to by a glass. (Please be sure to have a designated driver.)
            Finally, dessert, even if I’m full, I always have room for dessert. Jim ordered a strawberry mousse that again is not on the regular menu. I did not taste it, but Jim seemed to enjoy it and he usually doesn’t eat sweets. I had the Valentino al Lamponi. If you like rich chocolate this is the dessert for you. It wasn’t bad, but lots of chocolate with more chocolate with some raspberry sauce.

            Overall, I would defiantly go back to Antonio’s Ristorante. Their menu is filled with more authentic Italian dishes I would love to try. The prices were a bit high, but the location and experience makes it all worth it. If your looking for a place to go on a date or celebrate a special occasion Antonio’s is the place for you. 

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